10-Year-Old Girl Makes Cute Rap Song With Her Father Called ‘Kickin’ It Wit My Daddy’

What do you do when you find yourself available and with some free time to spend with your family? Let this guy teach you something!

For Ricky Weems Jr, family comes first, so when he got some time, he decided to get “really musical” with his daughter. What they ended up with is a video that has had over 4 million humans watching and re-watching it!

So Ricky got his daughter, Kayliyah, to join him in coming up with a tune, so the two got before a camera and kicked off a moment of musical inspiration to take their point home. They’re “Kickin’ It With My Daddy!”

The 10-year-old starts the whole thing with a few lines “heaping” praises on her dad, and then the big man backs her up. They end up making the perfect “collabo” that every person who watches this video seems to agree on. And who’s the director? The son, 6-year-old Jermaine!

You can’t skip this family thing. You’ve to click here and watch this to the end. If it steals your heart like it’s been doing to people since 2014, you’ll want to hit the SHARE button and put it on Facebook. Drop us a comment too!

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