10-Year-Old Girl Receives A Standing Ovation When She Performs Frank Sinatra’s Song

When Steve Harvey received an unusual request from an unknown jazz singer to have a chance to go for glory, he was a bit skeptical. On this day, he was hosting his new show known as “Little Big Shots.” But the moment 10-year-old Angelina opened her moth to sing, he totally froze. The little girl took him back to a generation which was termed as the Golden Age of Jazz.

She was singing Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon,” and she had the right talent to amaze the audience and everyone who was watching at home. Her spectacular voice, confidence and poise is what stood out most. When you listen to her, you understand why she won “Norway’s Got Talent,” back in 2014. Despite that, not many Americans had heard about her and this provided millions a chance to witness her great talent.

As a TV host, Steve Harvey is always honest in the way he reacts when a real talent appears on stage. So when we see him watching while transfixed, we realize there is something special about it.

As revealed by the little girl, it is performers like Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra and Dinah Washington who influence her. It is not all the time when we see a person from the recent generation being inspired by legends from the past years.

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