10th Grader Prepares Cupcakes As A Revenge Plan For Her Bullies – What Do You Think?

One tormented girl had a revenge plan that humbled her bullies.

The 10th grader studies at Centennial High School in California.  The little girl baked some cupcakes with a lot of disgusting ingredients inside.

The cupcakes contained ingredients that will make you lose your appetite. They contained expired food, semen, pills, pubic hair and feces.

The bullied ensured her bullies the disgusting cookies. It was payback time for the people that made her life unbearable.

The 10th grader watched in silence as the bullies ate her cookies. After taking a big bite, the disgust written on their faces was visible.

Some of the bullies asked why the cupcakes had a weird taste. She blatantly told them they contained bodily fluids.

The authorities could not test the cupcake ingredients since they were destroyed. The health department called off the investigation.

Despite the girl’s claim, the police reported that no suspicious ingredients were present. Probably, they did not want the 10th grader to get into more trouble. Or maybe the police thought it was a lesson the bullies deserved.

Sergeant Joe believes that the girl used ingredients such as soy sauce and mayonnaise to give the cupcakes the disgusting taste.

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