11-Year Old Stuns Audience During Her Christmas Carol Performance- WOW!

11-year old Amira Willighagen is not your regular girl. When Amira was 9, she was the winner of the prestigious award of Holland’s Got Talent in 2013. Since then, nothing has stopped the young lass from admirers and fans.

Suffice to say; Amira has a passion and talent for singing. Her powerful and melodious cannot compare to her tiny body frame.

In the video below, Amiga performs in her hometown in Nijmegen. The young and talented lady sings “O Holy Night” a   Christmas classic. The men’s choir in her hometown, invited Amira as the special guest for the annual Christmas concert. The venue was Petrus Canisius Church. The event was held in December 2015.

For those of us who sing in the shower, brace yourself for a jaw- dropping performance. Amira’s voice will give you chills and stomach knots. We must admit the little lady is super-talented.

Watch the video of Amira’s performance below. Did you find it enthralling? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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