12 Siblings Took Their Spots On The Stage. But When They Made Their First Move? Mind-Blowing!

Ever heard of the Willis Clan? Willis Clan is a family of 12 siblings ranging from 5 to 23 years. The 12 brothers and sisters are multi-talented; they can play several instruments and perform an Irish dance without missing a step.

In 2016, the Willis Clan performed at the United Country Western Dance Council World Championships. Their dance took less than four minutes. Their electrifying performance wowed the crowd even as the little one joined in the dance.

What else can the Willis Clan do besides performing an Irish dance? They paint, sing, and play the violin, drum guitar, and do a tap dance. The family performed on America‘s Got Talent ninth season and at the Grand Ole Opry. Additionally, they had a reality TV Show dubbed “The Willis Family” which debuted on TLC June last year. The oldest is 23, and the youngest is five years.

Watch the family’s incredible performance in the video below. I found it interesting. What are your thoughts on their performance?

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