13-Year-Old Delivers A Special Message To Her Dad In Outer Space. This Stole My Heart!

You’re a 13-year-old with a really great dad. However, he’s not around. In fact, he’s not even on this good Earth because he’s out there in outer space carrying out some very complex research and experiments with other astronauts at the International Space Station. You really miss him, but you’re holding back in sending him any messages because you don’t want him to miss you too much and get distracted in his vital work. So, what happens next?

This is the story of Stephanie, a teen girl whose dad was at the ISS. The little lady had to do something, so she teamed up with Hyundai Genesis, a vehicle company, to deliver the most powerful message to her dad in outer space. The message was “coded” in the largest tire track imagine in history. You must love this!

Check out this video and see everything as it happened. You can be sure this dad’s heart melted right on the spot after seeing this from all up there. This will be one long-living family! You can’t ignore this. Drop us a comment and SHARE the video on Facebook!

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