14-Year-Old Saves The Day When An Intruder Breaks Into The House – Watch!

If there are smart girls in California, it’s the likes of Savannah Jones of Montclair.

At just 14, Savannah already knew how to dodge trouble at first sight. One day, her mom left her with her niece, 4-year-old Zoyee. She was to babysit her till mom came back. Savannah’s mom, Maria, didn’t expect anything to happen, until it did!

While at work, Maria received some chilling texts from her daughter. Apparently, some stranger had showed up at the door and knocked. Savannah is a smart girl that doesn’t open doors for strangers. She crept up the peephole and realized she had never seen that man before, and that’s when her survival instincts kicked in. She grabbed her little niece and headed fast into the bathroom, then she whipped out her phone and texted her mom. She told her about the strange man. Then he did it!

The stranger kicked the door open and stepped in. The little angels were getting scared. They needed help, FAST!

This video recounts this young lady’s brave action. Watch and learn of what happened next.

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