16 Chinese Ballet Dancers Get Onstage, What They Perform? I’m Totally Speechless!

Even though the origin of Ballet dance is from the West, the Chinese have managed to adopt it and incorporated in their custom.

For many centuries, the Chinese dance has been known to be one of the most complex routines that a person can perform out.

In the clip below, we witness 16 Chinese ballet dancers who step onstage and totally stun everyone with their show that has both Chinese and Western influence.

The video was shot at the Xiaopei Chinese Dance Camp in 2013, when you have a look at it, you may think that it is the start of a rehearsal. This thought only lasts in your mind until when the music begins playing which gives birth to something totally amazing.

You need to watch this Chinese dance routine which is mixed with the Western influence.

I promise you that your mouth will be left agape with the quality routine of these 16 dancers together with the music that is being played.

Our hopes is to see these young girls go forward to become professional dancers although they still are according to my opinion.

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