16-Month-Old Baby Gets Mixed Up In Recognizing His Dad From His Twin Brother. So Cute!

When babies come into the world, I bet that they get confused with very many things. it takes them quite some time to get accustomed to the faces of the family members except the mother who is with him full time. In the clip below, you will be surprised to see how a baby of 16 months gets into a test if identifying his dad.

The baby was placed before Stephen who is his father and Michael, who is a twin brother of Stephen. When they posted the video on YouTube with a description saying that when a father has a twin brother, the clip became popular in a very short time.

OMG, you will just note that the baby is confused who his father just by looking at his face! He takes a long time examining the faces of the twin brothers who one of them is his dad and the other one an uncle. The baby called Reed is definitely in a state of total confusion. What will happen next?

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