16 Years Old Girl Gets Shocked When She Receives The Unexpected News… OMG!

When the foster parents told Haven Dockins, a 16 year-old girl, that they were taking her to a family court, she never even bothered to ask why. This is because Haven had practically spent like 10 years in a foster care where she became familiar with child protective services, family courts, attorneys and many foster parents.

But her wish for the Christmas was that she would finally find a permanent home and for her foster parents to adopt her forever. So on this day when they went to the family court, Haven never suspected a thing of what was going to happen. Then the judge made it public that it was a day of filling all the necessary papers for adoption, meaning that Haven was to be finally adopted.

After the announcement, Judge Rod Paasch asked Haven if she was happy with what she had heard. Haven responded wholeheartedly with excitement and that it was going to be her best Christmas ever. She said that her foster parents meant a lot to her and she loved them so much. For her, it was a Christmas that she was going to spend with her foster parents and 11 other brothers and sisters. Instead of her wishing to have a gift for the Christmas holiday, she preferred a family!

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