17-Year-Old Swears While Calling 911 And Gets Arrested. Watch!

What would you do if you were trying to call 911 without success? Such was the case when Adrianne Ledesma was trying to get help after calling 911. She did not get an answer immediately, she ended up using the “F” word while the phone was ringing. What she did not know was that at that very moment, an officer had just picked the phone. He heard the word and thought it was being addressed to him. Instead of calming the caller first and getting what her emergency was, he just responded with some swearing words of his own. He then went on to transfer the call to the fire emergency department and said he did not know why the caller made the call.

Finally, he ensured that Adrianne Ledesma was arrested. That was very unfortunate because at that time, her dad had collapsed in kitchen after having a stroke. He had undergone surgery three weeks before. So you can understand her frustration and why she panicked. I mean the officer could also have tried to find out the reason she had called 911, and then act appropriately.

McFarland was the name of the officer who had picked the call. When the chief of police became aware of the incident, the officer was given a suspension for 2 weeks. He was not paid during that period and was forced to undergo addition training. What do you think of the incident?

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