2-Year-Old Kid Survives Alone For Days When The Baby Sitter Dies

As human beings, without worrying, we can withstand a lot and survive for quite a long time. We always get scared of what might happen to our kids, like if they keep going to the streets. We worry if they are left alone at home for prolonged periods. What we do not know is that when it comes to eating, kids can amaze you with their abilities to survive.

A case in point is little Hayleigh who has learned quite a lot about surviving alone at home. Her mother, Megan, was going through a lot trying to cater for the family. She did not have a stable job and could not stand on her own for the time being. Her husband was in prison and unavailable to help. So she knew as a mother, she needed to find a safe place for her daughter before she finds a stable source of income.

When Ron, a family friend offered to babysit her daughter, she felt relieved. Things were going well for the mother. That’s until mother’s day came and passed without a call from Ron. Megan then decided to contact the local police to see if they could pass by and check on them. She instinctively knew something was wrong. When her mother in-law called Ron’s place, the daughter, Hayleigh, had answered the phone, which was strange.

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