Their 3 Little Kids Were Taken Away Because Of A Horrific Car Crash. 6 Months Later, Something Happened..

Have you ever lost someone very close to you? A child? It’s very painful especially if the cause of death is something that could’ve been prevented. Lori and Chris Coble have known that kind of pain after losing their 3 kids to a car accident caused by a speeding truck driver. Lori was taking the kids out when the truck hit the car from behind.

Chris couldn’t believe it as the news struck him deep. The 3 kids didn’t survive. The couple pursued a case with the driver who pleaded guilty to the offense, but that wasn’t the only reprieve. Just 6 months after the accident, the couple discovered they were expecting triplets – just like they had 3 kids. That must have been a miracle of some kind. In fact, the couple believes that their lost kids had a hand in the expectancy!

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