3 Orphaned Children Receive An Act Of Kindness From Good Samaritans. So Touching!

To lose a loved one or a parent is a very sad thing in life. When Finlay, Bethany and Mackenzie lost their parents, they felt that the world had come to end for them. The father by the name of Dennis was the first one to die followed by Susan because she never could stand the loss of her husband and so a cardiac attack killed her.

Due to this loss, the kids’ grandparents, Jackie and Ken had to report this sad tragedy to Key 103, which is a local station in Manchester. Jackie referred Dennis to be the best husband and father and for his loss she was very sad of it.

With nowhere to go, the three kids were taken by their uncle called Mark. Mark had to rent a bigger house so that they would all fit in. the life became hard for them as there was no enough money to even enjoy the holiday season. Knowing their condition, Mike and Chelsea, both hosts of Key 103, made a plan to motivate the family in their suffering moments. They took the family to the hotel and paid for the night, and on the following morning, they invited them to breakfast. While eating, Mike and Chelsea sneaked in the room and decorated it then left gifts for the orphaned kids. And as if that was not enough, Mike and Chelsea paid for them the rent of that month.

Watch the clip below to see their reaction when they saw all what they had received and what Mark had to say about it! Please SHARE this touching story to all your friends on Facebook!


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