4 Reasons As To Why Mothers Should Avoid Breastfeeding In Public!

In the recent past, people have been debating whether it is right for mothers to breastfeed in public or not. One YouTube sensation who is also a mother has joined the debate and in the video below she is giving a lecture and let the social media know her point of view about moms breastfeeding their babies in public.

The sarcastic argument was posted by 36-year-old Kristina Kuzmic, and in the clip she has given 4 reasons as to why mothers should avoid breastfeeding their children in public. Based on her arguments, many people have come forward and expressed what they think about her list of views.

According to her, she thinks breastfeeding in public is inappropriate and offensive. To support the point, we are shown a model who is posing in an underwear and a bra –something that contradicts the idea. She is even against using a breastfeeding cover when feeding a baby in public since the baby may push the cover aside and end up exposing the breasts of the mother.

She even say that mothers willingly breastfeed their babies in public with the aim of enticing the men who are watching them do it. Just watch the clip below and see her reasoning about this debate.

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