5-Year-Old Girl Takes On A Daring Action To Save Her Mom. She’s An Angel!

If you’re anything like me, then you know pools aren’t safe all the time – even for the adults. This story will chill your bones!

It was on a hot summer day when 34-year-old Tracy Anderwald decided to go to the pool with her 5-year-old daughter, Allison. They live in Portland, Texas. Allison decided to stretch her joint on a long chair, only to be terrifyingly interrupted by the sight of her lovely mum floated face-down on the water. The little kid dived into the pool and dragged her mum out so fast that she survived without any brain damage. In fact, the doctors said that if she had spent another minute in that water, she would have suffered irreversible brain damage.

However, her little heroine was there to make sure nothing bad happened to her loving mum, and she succeeded! Apparently, Tracy had a seizure that threw her out of control and she started drowning. The home cameras captured the daring rescue, and you might really need to watch it.

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