7-Year-Old’s Performance Of “What Child Is This” On Christmas Eve Will Take Your Breath Away

They say there are so many talented humans on Earth, it’s virtually impossible to map out all the talents. It’s true, of course, but it’s very easy to pick out the most talented people in a given field, say music.

Speaking of music, you might want to get ready to have your mind blown by a small kid. Well, Kaitlyn Maher may be a little child, but she’s big in musical talent. You want to know about this one!

In fact, you might have heard of the youngest human to ever compete on America’s Got talent, and if you do, then you surely have an idea of what’s about to happen here. Kaitlyn participated on America’s Got talent at the age of 4, and just 3 years later, she went ahead to make more people drool. Awesome!

In the video, Kaitlyn is performing “What Child Is This” on a Christmas Eve at a Christian Fellowship Church. She’s awesome, by all measures, and all you want right now is to click on that video right here and fall in love with this.

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