76 Years-Old Lady Gets Rescued By A Navy Veteran From Being Robbed – Scary!

Surveillance cameras of Winn-Dixie, a Florida grocery shop, recorded a purse robber attacking an old lady of 76 years during the day. Three people went to help her.

Of the three, Kendrick Taylor, a navy veteran was among them. Being a huge and muscular guy, he was the right guy to save the old lady. Being one of those who witnessed the snatcher rob the old lady, he decided to act quickly as the robber was getting on his bike to flee off. He began running after the thief without even thinking how dangerous it could be.

But also, the thief was getting away with full of fear, which made Kendrick Taylor to be able to catch up with him and pin him down on the ground while he contacted the police to come by.

Police were able to dig into his records and found out that he was on trial because of robbery on a person above 65 years. As for Kendrick Taylor, the Orlando Orange County Sheriff’s Office rewarded him with a Medal of Merit for having saved the woman.

Revealing, Kendrick said that he never considered himself a hero as he would have done the same if the old lady was to be her grandma.

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