85 Dogs Rescued from a Deplorable Situation by the Sheriff. Tear-Jerking!

It was a normal day for the Sheriff when he received a complaint about a group of animals that were neglected at a private homestead. When the cops got to the site, they found that someone somewhere had violated the animal laws.

In the clip, Sergeant Danny Ferrell from the Coffee County Sheriff station explained why the corps decided to remove the animals from the private land. He goes ahead and acknowledges the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) for responding to his call and getting to the case within 12 hours.

The condition at the scene was upsetting; there were dogs of all sizes and breeds. It was hard for the experts to even classify the dog’s breed due to the dirty nature of their fur. Puppies were locked inside cages, soaked in their feces and urine. Others were locked in wooden stalls that had no windows.

ARC was able to rescue four cats and 85 dogs with their puppies. The animal received veterinary care and enjoyed the new homes where they received care and nourishment.

ARC reported that there are many puppy mills in U.S. The private property was also a puppy mill and the breeding animals were neglected. You will shed a tear after watching how innocent puppies are abandoned in the worst situation you can ever imagine.

When adopting, think of getting your animal from such shelters to discourage scrupulous activities being carried by such malicious people.

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