9 Military Ladies Dedicate Themselves To Entertaining People. This Is Awesome!

Ask anyone who knows anything about the US Navy, and they’ll be quick to confess that landing the noble chance to witness the United States Navy Band perform is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. You see, this band of 9 Navy women has been rocking the people’s joy for quite some time now, and on this special occasion, they did just that!

The choral component of the Navy Band is called the Sea Chanters Chorus, comprising of the most talented musicians in the force. In the video, you get the privilege to watch them perform a very lovely American folk song, “Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie.” From what you see here, you can’t run from the fact that this band is among the best in this good country. I just had to replay this!

So you’ve these 9 ladies lined up onstage, and then they start their thing. Brace yourself for major musical impact! In fact, this is so cool that you’re sure to get the urge to SHARE it with everyone on Facebook. Just do it already!

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