9-Year-Old Is Kicked Out Of School For Supporting Her Friend!

Given that Kamryn Renfro is only 9 years of age, she is too wise for her age. She recently did something brave that proved that. The little girl who lives in Grand Junction, CO shaved her hair as a way of showing true friendship.  She needed to support Delany Campbell, her best friend who has cancer.

While being interviewed by NY Daily News, she said that it was the right thing she could do at that time. 11-year-old Delany underwent chemotherapy after being diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The treatments made her to lose her hair. So she felt good seeing that Kamryn had also shaved her head.

She revealed that Kamryn’s act made her feel special and that she was not alone

While it was thought that adults could praise and encourage the incomparable solidarity, courage and bond, that was not the case. Kamryn who schools at Caprock Academy was turned away when she went to school. She was to stay at home until she had hair since it was against school rules to shave hair.

The act showed some of the absurd policies that still exist in our schools. The reaction of the school dismayed Wendy Campbell, Dalany’s mother. It forced her to share the story online and within a short time it had gone viral. Many people supported Kamryn and the school withdrew its decision and instead praised her actions.

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