9 Year-Old Kid Steals David Letterman’s Show. Wow This Is Incredible!!

Wow! This little kid has got a talent. Just take a look at this video to get fully amazed!

The boy, a bluegrass group member of Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, was the invited guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. He surely demonstrated how talented he is while playing his preferred instrument called, the banjo.

As you start watching video, he seems to be like the other kid, but as the music proceeds, you get to think that it is Flatt playing the, Foggy Mountain Breakdown or listening to Earl Scruggs!

If at this age he is a talent, what will happen when time goes by and gets to perfect well his art? It’s without doubt that he will make the band win a lot of awards from the possessed don. No technologies like computer tricks are applied in the band but just a mere natural skill, determination and plenty of hard work. This is the secret to their good work!

Certainly their parents are proud of them for having taught them virtues. Everybody can’t wait to see what becomes of them in the future.

The importance of the video is to show how eminent it is to learn how to play at least one musical instrument for leisure, not necessarily the banjo!

What are your comments about this kid’s performance?

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