A 6 Member Family Explains How It Is Possible To Live Happily In An RV Camper

Have you ever known that there are families with six members or more living in a little house which is less than 300 square feet? If you doubt this, the clip below will change your opinion. In the video, we see Heather Harger opening her house door to let the viewers see how her husband, four kids and her live in the tiny house comfortably.

In this home which is an RV camper, the family has managed to utilize the space very well in that the furniture serves more than one purpose. The tiny house has some space for the patio, a family room. Double sinks, fully equipped kitchen, craft tables, and sufficient room for relaxing and sleeping. Apart from the RV acting as their home, it also acts as a school for the kids as they are home-educated. The family must be comfortable in the home since their first born son named Sy who has eosinophilic esophagitis receives all the necessary therapeutic needs from home. According to them, the RV house has helped them live a lifestyle they always wished.

But I know the question of where the four kids sleep is ringing in your head. To find out where, you need to watch the full clip and see for yourself.

Heather revealed in the family website that they are a family which quit living in a spacious and luxury house in suburbia U.S.A. (by Disney World, nonetheless) and relocated to South Africa so that they could exercise their passion to help the need and ensure that justice is done to the helpless people. She said that their aim as a family is to end poverty and change the world to become a better place.

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