A Big Mistake Nearly Costs A Bank. How Is It Even Possible?

Like most people in 2010, this couple got a warning letter that their house was about to be repossessed. The reason was that they had fallen behind in their mortgage payments and therefore the bank had to do it. There was however one problem. They had paid for their house in cash. They took their battle to court when the bank couldn’t hear any of that. The court was able to rule in their favor and now for a second time the couple proved they were right.

They were awarded about $2000 for legal fees. That’s when it turned out to be another out of court battle. The bank refused to pay them. They had to do something. Their lawyer sought the assistance of two Sheriffs and they headed to the bank. They were going to confiscate property to help them get the award the court had given them. This included computers, chairs, and desks.

It was very intimidating for the bank workers when the officers matched in with the couple and their lawyer. What the bank employees did not know was that the couple felt the same way when the bank threatened to repossess their house. Even though they had paid for it and had the documents to prove it.

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