A Cat Plays Tag With The Slowest Animal In The World And… Who Loses?! Hilarious!

I’m pretty sure you’ve watched at least one episode of ‘Tom and Jerry’ and I’m just as sure that you never failed to smile. Tom always seems to be the master of failure in catching his buddy/ nemesis, Jerry. The typical curiously sneaky cat became the center of his own tricky tactics. It’s this hilarious imagery of Tom chasing Jerry and Jerry, at times, chasing after Tom as well that makes the entire show so hilarious!

But it’s this unusual set of buddies that would catch your attention: a cat and a turtle?! This clip features a cute black cat and a turtle playing catch. Believe it or not, this turtle isn’t as slow as you’d initially think it would be. It seemed like a fish-out-of-water situation but it’s quite unique and very enjoyable as the turtle nearly catches the cat. The cat runs behind a column and in turn becomes the pursuer in the game.

The two plays catch and miss over and over again. This video is somehow striking because you’ll never really see a turtle play tag and win. Watch as this set of unusual playmates make the most out of a less than a minute video. If The Turtle and The Hare was an interesting story for you. I’m sure this clip will be just as interesting for you to actually click and SHARE!


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