A Childless Farmer Donates An Ambulance Before He Dies. Watch What His Kindness Triggered!

What is more kind and generous than paying-it forward? You are about to witness that kind of moment and the story will bring tears to your eyes.

Fred Pitzner happened to be a retired and childless local farmer from Gaylord MN. When he died, something amazing was discovered. Fred has left a will to his folks. In the will, he left behind a $200,000 surprise gift to the EMT crew. The gift was an ambulance.

You can imagine the look on the faces of the crew after receiving the incredible gift. However, Tom Webster, the president of the Gaylord Ambulance, has plans with the old ambulance. Donating it to Comfrey, MN is something they have decided to do.

Sadly, before Webster could hand over the old ambulance to the Gaylord crew, he was killed. A gravel truck hit him when he was riding his bike. The EMT families were devastated by his death as Webster never had the chance of seeing the result of his kindness.

The story of Pitzner and Webster acts of kindness does not end there. The Comfrey crew donated their 27-year-old old ambulance to EMT team in Sanborn. A number of the people thought donating the ambulance was useless, but it meant a lot to the Sanborn team. They did not have an ambulance before and drove their own cars during emergencies.

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