A Cruel Doctor Kept Her From Her Family For 50 Years. See How Things Change Now. I’m Really Touched!

If you’ve ever heard of any story of a child who spends almost an entire life away from the dear mom that bore her, you understand the kind of pain that one Kristine Hughes and her lovely mom must have lived in for much of their lives.

Doctor Thomas Jugarthy Hicks’ actions during the 1950s and 1960s gave rise to what came to be known as the “Hicks Babies,” whereby the doctor was found to have sold more than 200 babies stolen from their biological mothers. The cruel man would get a mom to believe that her infant had died and even have her sign a death certificate, only to later sell off the child to overseas adoptive parents. That’s exactly what happened to Kristine Hughes. She was sold in that fashion, and it took her 50 years to get back to her real family.

But fate had her back, and she had a chance when she went to work for ABC’s “Nightline,” so she connected with her cousin. They did a DNA test and it was a hit.

In the video, you get to watch that emotional moment when she finally gets to meet her biological mom, the 75-year-old Thelma Tipton. You can’t miss this!

The doctor responsible for all these misdeeds was never charged with it, but he gave up his professional license and later died. Watch this great moment and SHARE with everyone on Facebook!

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