A Dark Secret In His Family Made Him To Promise To Protect Women. Watch What He Does…

It has been said that one in four women is abused by her partner. There is a possibility that you have experienced it, or a person you know has gone through the experience. There are many psychological reasons as to why those abused still have to live with their partners. Though we should never be judgmental, we certainly have to do something to prevent the worst from happening.

What Would You Do, a famous show decided to carryout out a social experiment on the same and the results were amazing. It made one man to be regarded a hero by what he did to intervene.

We see a woman who has a black eye being insulted by her husband. The man says if the kitchen could have been cleaner, it all could have been avoided.

Though there are male diners surrounding the woman, they never take any step to protect the woman. They woman is left to face her fate.

As the two actors go on with their experiment, finally the abuser is surrounded by some men. They tend to the woman after making the man to leave the cafeteria.

Despite all that, the weight of the abuse is understood by one man. He knew the woman needed real help and went ahead and gave the police a call. When he finally discovers the whole thing was a social experiment, he reveals a dark secret with his family.

His grandma was murdered by his step-grandfather. Though as a family they had tried their best to make her leave the cruel man, she couldn’t agree. That is when he swore he could always do something to help a woman going through a similar experience.

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