A Drugged Driver Did This To His Kid. A Father’s Pain!

John Seaman loved his child just like any parent would. He wanted her to live and grow to be a successful person. Kellie was already a shunning star, until someone got nasty with her.

One day, Kellie was on the road when a truck hit her. Turns out, the innocent lady was well in the right of things, but the truck driver was one drunk creature who couldn’t do his job properly. He ended up destroying an innocent child’s life.

In fact, this is something that’s been on the news for quite some time now. Every day, 30 US residents die in road accidents. This 20-year-old met her tragic accident on one day too, and it’s so sad.

However, the law has always punished the wrong-doers. The drunk driver was arrested, charged and sentenced to 15 years behind bars. He has to pay for what he did. But while his sentence will last for 15 years, Kellie’s has become a life sentence.

In the video, John Season is revealing some very sad news that’ll get you weeping. Our thoughts and hearts are always with him. This is very heartbreaking.

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