A Dying Boy Is Ready To Die For His Mother. What A Moving And Tear-Jerking Moment!

As a family, Chen Xiaotian and his mother Zhou Lu were happy until some tragedy struck. When Chen was 5 years of age, a malignant brain tumor was discovered within him and though the disease was discovered much earlier, doctors were not able to prevent it from spreading. They even said he had no chance of reaching adulthood. A few months later, Zhou was also diagnosed with a kidney disorder.

After some time, the tumor’s effects became more serious and Chen lost his sight and ability to walk and doctors could not do anything so save the situation. On the other hand, Zhou needed some dialysis treatments. For her to recover, she needed a new kidney. Doctors knew her son could offer a match, but when they told her of the same, she totally refused. Chen overheard the whole conversation and made his mind to help.

He called his mum over and insisted on saving her life. Finally Zhou accepted convinced with the idea of having some part of her son remain with her when he’s gone. He provided the perfect match to save his mother.

Sadly, Chen died on 2nd April 2014.  Even doctors gave him the last respect for the kind of courage he had shown. Zhou got the new kidney a few moments later and she was not the only one to benefit from her son’s selfless act – one girl got the other kidney while his liver was donated to another man.

While watching this, you will be moved by Chen’s love for his mother and his courage and strength to die.

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