A Father Asks His Two Girls To Say A Prayer, What Followed? Hilarious!

As usual, people know that having a kid entails a lot. You always have to set time aside for your child and make some sacrifices for him or her. What if you have twins? That’s where you realize that you need to spend more time with them. As much as you may dedicate much of your time for the kids there is always something good about children. You will always be amused by how they do some things, especially if they are twins. Twins always have a connection between them, and they always spend most of their time together.

In this video, a father asks his twins to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Since these kids are preschoolers, their execution is not that perfect. One cannot get all the words they are saying. You may think that they are just humming as if they are adding bees in their mouth. Anyway, I totally have to admit that these twins are just adorable and funny. These are some of the best moments you can ever have with your kids.

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