A Father Sets A Camera To Record What Took Place While His Wife Was Away, What He Captured? I’m Surprised!

The bond between a son and his father is unique. We always know that there is an attachment that a son has towards his dad and this video proves that. The viewers who have watched this video are thrilled by what they saw.

The dad in this clip was spending part of the day with his son while the mother was away. He decided to shoot this video while his son was taking a nap, during dinner time, before bath and during bedtime. Emio did this to his wife who at that time never knew what was going on. This clip went viral on the internet the moment it was posted and MSNBC has also featured it. This clip has very many lovely moments all the way from messing up with toys on the floor to the point of cleanup. I am pretty sure you will love it!

Most dads who have watched this clip remember the good times they had with their kids. This clip will make you treasure each moment you spend with your kids.

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