A Fifteen Year-Old Rescued Twenty Five Horses From A Fire, How She Did It? So Courageous!

The incident you are about to watch happened in April 2012.  In this clip we meet Madison Wallraf who noticed the barn that housed her horse was burning. Her father had instructed her to stay away from the barn since it was quite risky for her to be near the burning barn. Anyway, Madison was not the kind of girl who could give up easily. She could not just sit down and see the barn burn while her lovely red horse was being consumed by fire. You are about to witness how this courageous girl saved 25 horses from the fire. The sad thing is that, the 18 horses that were in the middle of the burn did not survive.

During the rescuing act, this girl ended up with a number of injuries, particularly a kick on her shoulder. Madison was also knocked down severally but she never got angry about it. All she wanted to do was to save the horses. I know most of the people reading this post wish to see how it all happened, just watch this clip to the very end.

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