A Group Of 8 Bridesmaids In Neon Green Dresses Perform A Traditional Irish Step Dance.. Amazing!

Most people will want to celebrate their wedding day in a great way that ensures the day is remembered forever. Some will even hire some dancers and singers to perform at their ceremonies. But not all couples actually use money to hire dancers; some can do that all by themselves!

So Roisin and James finally decided to tie the knot, and they needed to do something unusual to create a nice memory of the day, and what’s more than a cool dance in front of the nice and happy guests? Sounds good!

That’s what they did. First, you watch as the bridesmaids start an Irish step dance, and then the bride joins them and shows off some really capturing moves before the guests. But it’s when the groom decides to step in that things get really hot. You can’t ignore the fact that this guy is a really great dancer.

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