A Highway Best Sing-Along Inside A Car. How It Happened? Check It Out!

T J Smith is famous for the YouTube videos he posts. Everyone knows that he is fond of “Highway Sing-alongs.” In this clip, he plays a motivating and a wonderful sing-along “Build Me Up Buttercup” as he tours down the road. As much as he has done a few of such videos, this song is one of the most famous sing-alongs.  More so, it is the most famous clip on his channel. In the video, Smith rolls down his windows and tries his best to attract as many people as he can so that they can join him. Eventually people join him in the sing-along.

Sometimes, driving can be tiresome and stressful and it is always good to find a way of making it more interesting. Most people sing alone, but Smith likes to involve many people in the singing. He considers it as a way of having fun and it brightens his day and the other people on the road. These people have fun and they will end up sharing their day’s experience with other people.

Do you think you can involve yourself in a highway sing-along? I would love to know how most people would respond.

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