A Horse Hits The Floor With Ballerinas, What It Does Will Melt Your Heart!

If you’re a music lover, this will steal your heart.

It’s the year 2012, and OPI – a brand of nail polish – wants to run a commercial for their four colors. OPI employs DAN Paris, an advertising company, to pull it off.  Then they come up with an incredible short film, and they name it “Instinct of Color”. The result is heart-warming. This is a must-watch!

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is one of OPI’s top executives and director, and according to her, the brand portrays the wearer’s inner sentiments to the outside world. She says that the film presents a couple of dancers interacting through color and dance moves. In addition, she gives credit to the cute horse that imitates the dancers’ moves with precision and with little video tuning. The OPI brand thereby serves to specially put across a unique message of synergy and creativity.

“Lady in Black” is the starring name of this beautiful horse that stars in the film.  Lady in Black was trained by a Frenchman known as Mario Luraschi, a stunt trainer.

The ad agency employed some good Photoshop experts who did an excellent job sequencing the horse’s dance moves with a 3-D model and coming up with a great 3-D animation.

You have to watch this video, and you have to agree that this is the commercial of our time. This film will make you extravagantly joyful, and you need to SHARE it with your Facebook buddies.


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