A Huge Truck Was Ahead Of Her, When She Got Near A Surprise Awaited-Watch!

Can you describe that agonizing feeling when you are trailing behind a large vehicle? You cannot be too fast or too slow. Trying to overtake those large vehicles may be fatal to some drivers.

In Argentina, road accidents are one of the leading death causes. Statistics show that one person dies every hour in a road accident. Scary!

Additionally, most of the roads in Argentina are one-lane in each direction. Many drivers have lost their lives in their attempt to overtake the semi-trucks. 80 percent of the accidents happen on the busy roadways.

Samsung came up with a creative idea to reduce the incidences of road carnage. Samsung, taking advantage of technology, came up with the Samsung Safety Truck.

The Samsung Safety Truck has a rear and front camera. The cameras enable the drivers to see the vehicles in front of the large vehicles.

Drivers can safely overtake on the roadways. We hope it reduces the number of accidents.

Watch the video and see it for yourself. I am amazed at the innovation.

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