A Husband Pulls A Prank That Leaves The Wife Speechless. What An EPIC Way Of Doing It!

Watching pranks being pulled can be very amusing, enjoyable and hilarious.  There are times when they can go beyond the limit and hit below the belt and be considered as a way of bullying. All in all, they provide us with the kind of jokes we need for our lives to be enlightened. You can always enjoy them until you’re at the receiving end. Will you react positively or negatively?

One renowned and successful prankster is Roman Atwood. His videos which he uploads in YouTube have garnered up to 1.5 million subscribers and over 700 million views. He is never choosy when it comes to the person he pulls a prank on. The latest victim was his wife!

While his wife was away shopping, with the help of friends, they took balls of different colors and filled their house with them. To surprise her further, they blocked the entrance with a huge ball.  When the wife finally arrived home, what was meant to be a prank, turned out to be an awesome surprise?

Was he justified to do this?

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