A Journey To Deliver A Second Set Of Twins, This Documentary Is Amazing

Three years after the couple had their first child, Erica got pregnant again. They thought they were going to have their second baby. Indeed they got a second baby but it was more than that, they were twins, a boy and a girl. Then four years later, Erica got pregnant again and Weston was happy to have another addition to his already growing family. He was so excited about it that he did not want to know the gender of the baby before it was born.

Then they were informed that Erica was going to deliver twins! It was a huge surprise for the family. Two sets of twin in a period of five years? That was amazing. The family was growing in leaps and bounds. It was like they were having a child every year! The father loved his blessing. He wanted to make sure that this delivery was well documented.

While on their way to hospital, his wife asked him how ready he was for the twins. Weston responded with a smile when his wife added that it was too late to turn back. When they arrived at the hospital, she was surprised when her husband opened the trunk. He had brought his best filming equipment. Take a moment and watch the lovely and emotional moments. It was over in just three short hours, from breaking the water to holding the newborns.

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