A Lady Records Something Wonderful At The Beach. What A Breathtaking Moment!

This Santa Cruz lady became part of the lunch menu when two massive humpback whales surfaced from the water just next to her. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the lady and a few kayakers got a chance to witness the splendid view of one of the most beautiful creatures. These whales had been feeding on a group of anchovies that had gathered on the coast of Santa Cruz. As a result, it created a flurry of whale detections in the area while the behemoths gathered to feast.

As much as no one was hurt in the sightings, whales have always been known to injure people whenever they appear around the beach. Just like in 2013 where a boater was injured when his boat collided with a whale in Columbia. Luckily, everyone in the clip below walked away without injury. I am pretty sure that these people got a memory they would never forget in their lifetime.

I have a feeling that this lady would never try to swim near the beach any time soon since she managed to get out of this situation by luck. What is your opinion about this video? Please SHARE your thoughts with us.

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