A Marine Reunites With His Military Dog After A Long Time, The Reunion? Wonderful!

If someone asked me to name the best gift that was ever given to man, I would automatically say it’s the dog! A dog is always faithful, protective, and playful. More so, the dog can be trained to do things you would not expect it to do. Lately, we have seen dogs that have been trained to carry the oxygen equipment for kids who have difficulties in breathing. Did you ever think a dog would be given such a delicate task? I am pretty sure your answer is no.

We have also seen dogs that have been trained and sent along with the US marine to protect and alert the soldiers. In our case, things are not different at all. We meet Jared Heine, a US marine accompanied by his dog Spike. The two have been protecting each other in Afghanistan until Jared got a brain injury. After a series of brain injury, Jared began struggling with post-traumatic stress conditions.

While in the same condition, he always used to talk about his lost dog-spike. He really missed him and he wished that he could see him again. In this video you will see how the two meet once again through the help of his mother. Watch this video and see how the two friends reunited!

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