A Massacre Was Planned By 2 Gunmen, Then The Bus Driver Did This… What A Hero!

It was a normal morning at the North Carolina school. Alice Bradley, a bus driver of the school had arrived as usual at the parking lot to take her bus. As she could take note, she wasn’t alone, but with a couple standing there too.

In no time, the man pointed a firearm at her. This was not the time to tremble with fear, she told herself. As fast as she could with all her courage and fast thinking, she stepped at the gas of her car, a thing that made the car go forward towards the couple who went fleeing for cover.

Hours later, at the police custody, the couple confessed of possessing multiple guns, and they were ready to commit a massacre at the school where they were. Robert Holland, the county sheriff  revealed the information to the Citizen Times that one of the victim had confessed that it was a will from God to shoot the teachers and the students and if the other victim agreed, they surely would have gone ahead to do so at the teachers and students.

Alice was surely proclaimed a hero by the parents, the whole community and the County at large for having stopped the massacre. She later confessed that although she thought of the kids and to her being a tough woman, she really was very scared.

At present the couple is facing crime charges of attempted murder.

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