A Mom Runs Out Of Cash At The Till, Then An Angel Shows Up… Heartwarming!

So, how many times have you come to the aid of someone in need? Now, how many times have you done it to a total stranger? I don’t know about you, but I know some people who are really selfless. This lady is one of them!

At 73, Carol Flynn has lived a good life and seen lots of stuff. She has helped people and received help too. So when she bumps on this young mom at the till in a store, she knows what to do. This happened at Walmart, and now it’s gone viral!

At the checkout center, there’s this mom who needs some diapers for her kid, but she learns that she just ran short of cash and can’t buy the diapers. She wants to empty the 3 boxes of diapers and strike them off her shopping list. Carol is watching all this, and she won’t let that happen!

Carol decided to pay for the diapers so the young mom can go on to care for her kid. That’s so touching. Unbeknown to her, someone else was also watching from a distance and they captured the episode on camera. The video is now breaking the internet!

We need people like Carol. You need to be like Carol. Watch this video and SHARE widely!


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