A Mother Forced To Make One Of The Hardest Decisions Ever. Her Choice? She’s One In A Million!

Ashley Bridges discovered she was a victim of bone cancer when she was ten weeks pregnant. Because of the love she has for her child, she decided to delay chemotherapy that she was meant to undergo since it could have had adverse effects on her baby. She knows very well that she has a few months to live since she decided to give birth.

The condition had started earlier but she never knew what was the exact problem. She had visited the doctor earlier but she was told that it was only arthritis. A year later, this mother discovers the real disease ailing her.

She chooses to undergo a lengthy surgery despite of her situation. Her decision is really heart breaking since her femurs are removed during the surgery. This is very risky since it would easily allow the malignant cells to spread to other parts of the body particularly her brain. She also delays chemotherapy since it would kill the baby she was carrying. This woman believes that her real job is to protect her kids.

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