A New Car Made This Dad The Biggest Fool During April Fool’s Day – You Will Love It!

You may have tried to pull that practical joke on someone at least once on April fool’s Day. The aim is normally to trick that person in such a clever way that they can’t guess they are being played.

A mom and her kids decided to fool their dad in a perfectly innocent and such a funny way that it took him what seemed like ages to even guess he was being fooled. This awesome mom seems to have taken her time to plan and execute this plan as well as training her kids not to drop the slightest hint to their innocent dad.

After dad came home from work in his new car, they waited for him to park the car as usual. From upstairs, using a remote control spare key, they repeatedly opened the car’s trunk lid as soon as he started to walk away from the parked car. I found myself sympathizing with the poor dad. This was cruel! But in a funny way.

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