A Nice Mom Tells Her Kid That She’s Pregnant. Now Watch His Epic Reaction. It’s Gone Viral!

Ethan has always nagged her mom about having a baby, and now the UK mom has decided to do something cool about it.

So Sarah Bromby is now pregnant, so she goes and gets an ultrasound for her coming baby. She chooses a really nice setting to break the news to Ethan. You’ll love this!

When the little kid finally learns of the coming baby, he just can’t hold back his excitement. He thinks it’s really awesome to be a big brother. The mom even shows him the ultrasound!

Sarah new this was going to be a great moment for her and Ethan, so she recorded it. Since it’s uploading, the video has been share on Facebook for 37,000 times. However, the two will have to wait for a while to know the gender of the expected baby. Ethan would really like to have a little sister, if only he could choose.

Check out this cool video and witness this epic moment. It’s really awesome, and you’ll want to SHARE with your Facebook buddies. Cool!

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