A Powerful Short Film Warns Fathers About The Dangers Their Daughters Face In Their Life Journey.

First, we’ll agree that the girl-child is a really badly positioned human on the planet, all owing to the male domination. Right from her mother’s womb, a woman will go through a life of struggles, intimidation and sometimes even discrimination. That’s what this video is trying to expose and prevent. Must see!

Here’s Care Norway, and she has a well-crafted story to tell about the dangers faced by the girl-child through-out their lives. Care is talking to the dads, because they’re somehow positioned to either prevent or fan the fires of these unfortunate mistreatments befalling their daughters.

Care goes on to expose every wrong act committed against the woman all the way from their early days to their adulthood, and insists that dad could’ve really done something to stop them. In the end, all she’s left with is a simple, last plea to make, and when you know what it is, you’ll be down in chills!

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