A Red Fox Appeared In His Yard… Then This Happened. What A Heartwarming Scene!

I love wild animals very much. That being the case, I regularly visit the zoo and if I had the chance of adopting one, I could never hesitate to do it. The imagination of living with a fox, a tiger, a lion and a polar bear in the same home is what I rave about.

Do you think I’m running crazy? What if I include some little red fox in the list? I find red foxes to be so cute to live with. You might still be wondering what makes me think so, but once you meet Ron, you will know what I’m talking about. Ron is a red fox who lives in the Arkansas yard with his owner.

Ron loves the way his owner rubs his belly – in fact, he craves for it and avails himself whenever he needs it! I’m soon relocating to visiting Arkansas to get a similar pet. I find this little guy to be so adorable!

N/B: Never play with wild foxes, this one is a trained pet.

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