A Rich Man’s Invention Was About To Be Sold By A Poor Farmer. The Farmer’s Eyes Tells It All!

There’s this popular show, Shark Tank, whereby you go before a panel of “moneyed” investors, present your ideas, and convince them to invest in your business. One thing, for sure, is that these guys are in it for the money.

Now, it happened that this cool guy just invented something that could potentially revolutionize the farming industry. Jonny Georges is a farmer, but his dad, being a smart human, taught him well and encouraged him to be initiative. This led to Jonny inventing a farming system that saves the farmers lots of water. To make his dreams fully come true, Jonny decided to source for funds to expand his business, so he went in to meet the “sharks.”

As he presents his idea, everyone thinks it’s great, except for one thing: He’s not charging “enough” for the invention. One of the investors pulled out because Jonny refused to up the price. Jonny is trying hard to keep his cool all the while as he explains his great idea. He’s close to tears. And then one guy chips in decides to take the deal!

Jonny is getting the full $150,000 capital investment from one shark – someone who doesn’t intend to compromise Jonny’s morals by forcing him to overcharge his farming community. You need to see this!

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