A Robber Wants To Hit The Gas Station, But It Seems Like He Missed A Few Cold Facts. You Have To See This!

You’re a robber, and you already know there’s some good cash to be had at a gas station, so you plan an assault. Problem is, you don’t have all the facts at hand. Surprise!

So this bad guy gets into a BP gas station and quietly picks out the store clerk. Nice target, of course. The clerk should be the man to get him the cash. But the clerk is Aaron Jacobs, a cool guy with quite a story behind him.

The bad guy creeps up to him to launch his epic heist, which quickly turns into an epic fail. The man the robber wants to intimidate with just a knife is a former Marine combat instructor, so you can start imagining what happens next when Aaron turns to face the guy wielding that small metal. Epic!

I won’t give this away. It’s just too precious to treat that way. Fortunately for us, the security cameras were on, and they captured the episode. You have to see how the Marine reacts!

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